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10 Favorites from April

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I just love to eat Mexican food, we might celebrate it all week! I think I'm going to make enchiladas for dinner tonight! April went so fast and was such a crazy month with everything going on and not going on. I know there were highs and lows for everyone all month long and it will continue for some time until everything is back to normal. I hope you all are hanging in there! I wanted to share 10 favorites from April that I am loving! April was filled with lots of self-care and comfy clothes at home!

1. Biker Shorts- it's at the top. I know this is crazy!! But I really am loving them. So if you wear leggings you will probably like biker shorts. I love the high rise style of these, and I actually like the ribbed style. I have these and love them, wearing xs. I am really wanting to get a pair of Spanx ones. But here and here are other options.

2. Self-Tanner- I have been using this on repeat! It's my favorite, I love the color and how it fades. Definitely use a mitt to get an even application! I use the medium in winter and the dark during the summer months. I have been using the drops on my face and the spray on my body. Since the temps are warming up, it’s nice to have a tan so you can wear shorts!

3. Dried Naturals- I have really been wanting to spruce up the house a bit but didn't want to go crazy. I found these dried bunny tails and I love how they just change up the decor a bit and bring the outdoors in. Plus requires no water and they don't die, lol! Found these and these.

4. Bronzer- Along with my self-tanner I use bronzer every day as a blush. Summertime I really like that bronzed look with sunless tanners and bronzers! This is my go-to for daily at home. It is talc-free, I love the color and the tiny bit of shimmer in it, I have it in luminous bronzed light. Gives your face a natural glow. I use it with this all-over brush. But I mostly apply it along my cheekbone and top of my forehead, kind like a contour.

5. Slippers- this is something I have been wearing a lot and I love the look and the comfort of these slippers. So supportive! I normally wear a 6.5/7 and wear these in a 7.

6. Nespresso- ok this is definitely a splurge item, but it has been a lifesaver while being at home. I had gotten it for Nate for Christmas and it was on my Mother's Day gift guide. Hands down my favorite thing and I know we will save a bundle longterm. It's so easy the kids make me lattes and it's the easiest cleanup. I had searched for something that was an all in one component and EASY!!

7. Vitamins- this all in one vitamin has been so nice to have and I love that I'm getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need, especially during this time of sickliness! Even better, use code Mandy to get 20% off at Hush and Hush.

8. Skin Oil- these products are changing my skin texture! I love this oil at night for my moisturizer during summertime. I have also been using this marine oil during the day after my vitamin c serum and before my tinted moisturizer. My skin is so soft and definitely hydrated and glowing.

9. Airpods- I can't even right now. Seriously would have lost my mind if I didn't have some earbuds or earphones during this time, lol! I have had the hardest time finding earbuds that fit my ears. I have one ear opening that must be small and all the ones I have tried hurt my ears and give me a headache. Until I tried these, no pain, easy to use, and the sound is amazing, I can't hear the kids!!

10. Cleaning- so we have all been doing a little more cleaning while home or maybe not, lol! But I have been loving this line of cleaning and laundry products. Definitely a little bit of a splurge but I usually buy it on sale. I love this spray, I don't use it all the time, just usually after dinner to kinda freshen up the countertops and table. I love using their laundry products, especially on sheets!

surface spray

Have a great Tuesday! Thanks for following along!


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