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5 Things Keeping me Sane

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We made it to Friday!! I wanted to share a few things that I'm doing daily to keep me somewhat sane these days! I shared the 5 things I do every morning at the beginning of the year in this blog post, and that helps me to get a great start to the day!

But with the days a little bit different and the kids home all day and me not working, there is some time in between all the things we do every day! So I've been treating myself to a few minutes of self-care! And self-care means something different for everyone. For me, I love to take my time in the shower, shave, use a scrub and wash my hair! Usually, there is no time for all of that in one shower, lol! A few of my favorite shower products, my exfoliator, my current shampoo, love the smell and how well it lathers and cleans my hair on days it's really dirty! And my roommate from college sent me this all-natural shampoo bar and I loved it. It really lathered up, which most don't and it left my hair squeaky clean! I also loved the conditioner, it was a little different to work with but once you got the hang of it, it was a great option for a clean natural conditioner. I also like to take a little time for some self-tanner. A tan these days does wonders for an instant mood boost!! This one is my favorite and I just purchased this body butter sunless tanner and am excited to try it! The Isle of Paradise color is so natural looking and easy to use! I love how it fades naturally too!

After some self-care, putting on a little makeup really makes me feel like a new person! I just use a little concealer, my daily bronzer, fill in my eyebrows and some lip balm! And then I feel like I can take on homeschooling! Ha! Still figuring that out!

Fragrance, whether it is diffusing my oils in my diffuser, lighting a candle, loving this one and this one or even putting on a little perfume! Crazy, right! Well, fragrance helps boost my mood, it makes me happy! Finding a fragrance you love is definitely worth it! I put a little on my wrist and if I ever need a little boost I can smell it! I have so many I love, I will list them here:

*Maison Louis Marie No 4- love this year-round

*Tom Ford Rose Prick - this one just released and it is SOOO good, pricey of course!

*Byredo Gypsy Water - I just bought this one with the sale last week! this is a great little set.

*Hermes Elixir - this one smells amazing during the winter months!

*Replica Whispers In the Library - love this one too in winter!

I have so many more, I just love fragrance!

Music is huge for me, if I ever feel like the day is getting a little heavy, the kids are going a little crazy, turning on the music is just the answer! It helps us all out, it starts to boost the mood and we all can refocus on what's going on! I seriously have fallen in love with my AirPods. If I do need to block out the kids, I can pop these in and just have a moment of silence! Earphones have always been a problem for me, I have one ear opening that is smaller than the other and I have tried SO many that never worked. I was using the plastic headphones that went around your head forever and they ended up breaking. I had them taped together and it was always falling apart, so I had just given up. Nate got me the Airpods to try and I really could not believe that they had worked for my ears! I was pumped! The sound and quality of sound are amazing! And they are super easy to connect to your phone, even Nate couldn't believe it! I LOVE the pandora station Hipster Cocktail Party, lots of my favorite artists!

By mid-afternoon, I take a moment for a cup of tea or something to get me through the rest of the day! I love having my green tea, it's relaxing and it is good for you! This has been one of my favorites for years!

I'm hoping there might be a few ideas for you if you find yourself struggling during the day! Self -care, makeup, fragrance, music and a treat in the afternoon and lots of praying really help my day! And some nights there has been wine:) Have a great Friday!



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