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Dresses for the Girls

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I always have people asking me, where I get the dresses the girls wear. I do shop around for the girls when I am needing dress clothes. I always have some sort of image of what I am wanting in mind and then start looking at my top 3-4 stores.

My first store I always look at when getting new dresses is Joyfolie, I have been shopping with them for over 6 years. I can always find at least one dress for one of the girls no matter what the occasion. Their pieces are well made and so feminine and classic looking! I had gotten this dress for Ava to wear for Christmas and she has been able to wear it for numerous things. The beautiful lace detail and rhinestones make this a great option for all ages. I am already shopping there for my Easter outfits!

Our local Von Maur is another store I look at for dresses, they provide a wide range of style options! I had gotten this one for Olivia before Christmas on sale! It is a sleeveless option, so we paired it with a fur wrap that I had made. It is so nice to have fur accessories available to add to outfits. I had just bought some fur fabric, satin fabric for the backing and a rhinestone button. It is used very frequently during the fall and winter months. She was trying to be a little poser:)

I also have to look at Gap for dress options, especially around the holidays. Alana is wearing a Gap dress with a little sequins and the moment I saw this fur coat from Gap, I knew they needed it to dress up outfits during the cold months! They don't have this style available now, but they have this sherpa one that is not as dressy, but really cute! Currently Gap does not have their dressy style dresses online yet, they should be coming for Easter soon. And Alana was cracking up the entire time, lol!!

A couple other places I love to look at is The Children's place, especially for shoes. Target can also get some really cute options in as well, I mean Target is just amazing for everything!!

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