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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

With June comes Father's Day and I wanted to get my Father's Day gift guides out, so you could order them and get them in time! Seems like May just vanished! I separated the guides into three different categories. One for the grill masters, one for the tech guys, and then one with some of Nate's favorites.

Nate has taken up doing a wide range of grilling/smokin meats and food outside, which is a bonus for me, no messy kitchen! He has a Traeger smoker and a Blackstone griddle and both are used differently and we absolutely love both. Nate likes to smoke ribs and a lot of other meat varieties on the smoker. I have even started it up and it is really easy to do. I had gotten Nate the Blackstone griddle a few years ago, it has easily become something we use weekly. We have made, pancakes, eggs, quesadillas, hamburgers, stirfry, fried rice, lo mein, pizzas and lots of other things on it! We love the versatility of it and it's easy to clean up! These are some of the accessories he has and uses a lot!

Next are a few techie items that a lot of dads like to have! Nate loves his AirPods and men are a little rougher on things, so he needs a protective case! Nate's phone is always almost dead because he has to use it all day. Or he's playing video games, lol! But this phone charger is his favorite, you can have it charged and it will charge up your phone a few days before having to charge the battery bank back up. His favorite flashlight, nice bright light, and great size. Nate loves these headphones, great noise canceling, he loves to wear them when he mows. He of course has to have his apple watch, it's nice to see instant messages right away and phone calls instead of pulling his phone out of his pocket.

And lastly are some favorites that Nate has had over the years and just really likes! He would be lost without his waterproof Birkenstocks! Easy to slip on and get muddy and wash off! He loves insulated cups to keep his drinks cold and of course lots of good things that help him smell fresh! The soap on a rope is a favorite, its a body scrubber and large bar of soap. Hair and body wash, this one is one of his favorites and then the Chanel cologne, it smells so good! Hands down, the Sonos speaker is one thing we both love, but he is a sound guy and loves the quality of the sound and it can be placed anywhere and looks really sleek.

Hope you all have a great day!


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