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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Monday everyone!! These hot temperatures are making me feel lazy, I need those cooler temps to get a re-boot! Hopefully not too much longer, I just can't take the heat anymore! Along with the changing temps, a lot of things change. We switch out our clothes, shoes for warmer ones and you should be switching your skincare!

If you live pretty much in MOST of the US, not all, but most of us see a drastic change in our seasons from summer to winter. Our summers are so hot and humid and our winters are so dry and cold. Our skin takes a huge toll with the climate changes. SOME of you may not need to change, but I know MOST of you should! I, for one, have to change what I do with my skincare from season to season. During the summer months, I wear a lotion during the day instead of a cream and don't use any oils. With the heat and humidity, I sweat too easy and my skin feels too heavy if I wear heavier creams and oils. And then for fall and winter, give me all the oils and creams! My skin gets so dry and even flaky if I don't keep it hydrated. It is definitely something you will have to test on yourself to see what your skin needs.

I recently had dermatitis, which is a skin reaction to something you are allergic or sensitive to. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, so I had to completely get rid of the makeup and skincare I was using. I started using this new line from BeautyCounter. I am all about clean eating and clean skincare. This brand is commited to using ingredients that are safe and good for your skin. They have a list of 1500 chemicals that they will NEVER use in their products.

I have been using the Countertime skincare line for 4 weeks and love the results. My skin is glowing and has felt soft and hydrated all day. I do feel that after using the products my skin has plumped up after 4 weeks.

I just ordered the tinted moisturizer and am excited to start using that daily! If you have sensitive or reactive skin, this is a great line, or if you are just ready to change it up and try something new, I highly recommend trying this line! If you are intetedsted in trying any of the BeautyCounter products here is the link

Hope you all have a great Monday! Thanks for following along!

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