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Lenten Season

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Tomorrow is the last day before lent, or otherwise called "Fat Tuesday". For me, lent means sacrificing and bringing new life into my home and my spiritual life. Lent also means that spring is around the corner, yay!! Here are a few things my family and I are doing during the lenten season!

I first started by changing out my table decorations, trying to bring new life to the home and reminding us of the sacrifices Jesus did for us. I found this crown of thorns at our local Catholic store, I also found one here if you would like one displayed in your home. I used my eucalyptus garland I had bought last year from Target, it's the Hearth and Hand line, one similar here. And added some white candles in my vintage brass candlestick holders I had found on Etsy. Having this displayed in the center of the house will hopefully remind me and my family about the suffering Jesus did for us and maybe we will think twice about losing our temper with each other:) It is also a nice spring refresh with the greenery and the white candles!!

Our wonderful pastor, Father Dan, gave us some great ideas that we are going to incorporate into what we usually do during lent. He suggested giving more to the poor, so every Sunday we are going to bring food to our churches food pantry that they take to a shelter house in our city. He also suggested to pray for someone everyday. He said to make a list numbered one thru forty (for the forty days of lent) and offer a prayer/rosary for someone different everyday. So the girls and I made our lists and will keep them on the table next to the crown for daily reminder.

As a family, we usually give up sweets, and we always try to go to the stations of the cross every Friday evening. This is one of the things I remember doing as a kid and always loved going! If we have to miss one, we say them at home.

Some other ideas I want to try to include:

* by Dynamic Catholic, I did this during advent and it was wonderfull!!

*Fast on all Friday's

Praying you all have a wondeful and blessed lenten season! I'm going to be eating all the sugar I can tomorrow;) What are you guys going to try to do during the lenten season??

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