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"Loretta" Music Video

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Jill had asked me to do her makeup again for her music video "Loretta"! AMAZING song, the first part of the song gives me the mom goosebumps. Reminds me of my kids saying their prayers at night:) Check her video out!! The vintage style house is spot on for this setting. I also included some shots of her video and the rundown of the products I used for her makeup! She's just stunning and her voice is sooo good! We went with more of a smokey eye with wing and a nude lip:)

Makeup: Face: laura mercier regular primer | laura mercier silk creme foundation | laura mercier translucent loose setting powder | laura mercier flawless fusion concealer | Bronzer: Les Beige 50 by chanel | Blush: Jersey by Chanel | Eyes: Les Beiges Natural medium by Chanel | stila eyeliner | | Lips: Laura Mercier bronzed acrylic lip varnish | Liner: Bronzelle by Lancome


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