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Men's Gift Ideas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Thursday!! Well, I'm starting off the gift guides with the men! I feel like they are usually pretty easy to shop for and then you can at least cross one person off of your list!! These are Nate approved, things he has or wants! AND he is very particular I might add! So these come highly researched:) So I have a gift guide for under $100 and over $100. Nate likes stuff to work and he likes technical stuff, so that's what we do! I can get him clothes and shoes but those are not exciting, lol!

So the first is flashlights, we have a million and he loves this one, it is bright and can fit in his pocket. Earbuds, he would love the apple airpods, but likes a great cheaper pair and these are it! So we all know the battery life on our phone starts to decline as the months go, well this is the charger he would only recommend. He would never buy another version! We had gotten these storage containers for our animals, dogs, cats, horses. It stays sealed and holds a lot. He also keeps his pellets for the smoker in one and loves how they stay sealed and dry! SO many uses. These are shorts that are an investment piece, but he likes the cool dry feeling they offer. This brand is getting big because he also prefers their underwear. We have tried millions of brands of underwear and these are finally the winners! Thank you God!! He just went elk hunting and the one thing that makes him wear out fast is his feet getting cold, he took these and they felt warm the entire time. You do have to recharge them! And us girls love our beauty products. Well, guys get chapped lips too, he loves to keep chapstick on him. I actually love all of Duke Cannon products, smell amazing!!

So the next are some gift ideas over $100, these are possibly the only gift you would get! So the ring spotlight camera and the ring doorbell are on Nate's wishlist. These are things he wants to put on our house when we build. He loves these products! He thinks the effectiveness and security are amazing. The massage ball is actually something we would both use, so it's the perfect gift:) The smart lock is a lock that works as your lock for your door. It monitors who all comes and goes and if you forget your house key, you won't need it anymore! Nate had been flying drones for years and this is the latest and greatest version, let's just say this is on his wishlist too! Ok, the next two are ones that I have gotten him the past Christmases and I'm a huge fan of and so is he! The sonos speaker is the best thing in our house and the blackstone is the best thing outside. What can I say, I love food and music! I can control the speaker with my phone, or ipad and play my stations on it. We have one in the kitchen, living room and our bedroom. The sound is amazing. They just came out with an outdoor speaker I'm so excited about it. The blackstone is a large griddle to cook large amounts of food outside. Nate makes, fried rice, chicken, hamburgers, eggs, pancakes, bacon, fajitas and so much more on the blackstone and guess what no mess for me inside, it's a win-win!!! Hopefully, this helped give you a few ideas!

Have a great day!!

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