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New Skincare with Haldi

With the changing temperatures and more importantly the humidity, my skin is freaking out! I have had some major breakouts the last two weeks! You all know how much I love my skincare! It is something that I never miss doing morning or night. I reevaluated my skincare products and am really excited to tell you about this new company that specializes in skincare. Haldi Skin is a new company that creates skincare routines catered to your skin type, budget, and current skincare products!

I first created an account at Haldi Skincare, I went thru my skin concerns, issues, listed my current skincare products for morning and evening routine. I also shared that I tend to use more clean beauty. I submitted my answers and waited for a reply. I was SO impressed with their response! They had listed out suggestions for things I could start using, incorporated my current skincare products, and talked about why I should change up what I was doing. SOLD! The products they listed for me sparked my attention. I ended up getting some of the things they suggested, but not all of them. So there is no pressure to buy at all and if you are not happy about a product suggestion you can email them and ask for some more options! I had to email them because I was really in the market for a new facial scrub and wanted to know what they suggested. I ended up buying what they suggested! Here is the piece of paper that had come in the box I received with my products.

This is the suggested morning routine for me, incorporating new and my current products.

I love how they warn you about skin purging!! You have to expect some reaction when you are using retinol or acids to help clear the skin.

The three products I purchased from Haldi Skin and a deluxe sample they sent me.

I needed a new toner for mornings, the current one I am using and love is an acid toner that I will continue to use every night. I used my new one yesterday and can tell I am going to love it.

I also needed a new exfoliator, I use more chemical exfoliators and needed a physical one. Excited to give this one a try!

And this last product was one they had suggested for me. I don't use retinol on a daily basis. Typically only when I am having breakouts or maybe a few days a week every month to help purge my skin. I am very interested to give this retinol a try. I love the brand!

I am so excited to give all of these a try! If you do not like to shop for skincare because of all the options out there, need a new skincare routine, or just want to learn about some new products you should give Haldi Skin a try, it's FREE. No obligation to buy at all. Haldi Skin does run off referrals only, so mention my name Mandy Steven when you sign up! This is the perfect time to switch up your products with the new summer season!

Have a great day!

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