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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello! Sephora friends and family is here if you would like 20% off you can message me and I can get you a code! Or if you live in Wichita and want to go into the store at Bradley Fair, tell them I sent you to get your 20% off!! Now is the time to stock up! I've listed just a few of my Sephora must-haves below!

These are some of my favorite lip products I use daily from Sephora! Lips products are my favorite product by far. I use them all the time. My lips tend to be on the dry side, so I use the bite beauty mask every night, it is the one product I will never switch. I have used other masks and I do not like them compared to this one. It is a thicker texture and that is what I like about it, I do not like the slick, slimy ones! A tiny bit goes a long way, I can buy one and it will last 6-9 months! Worth it;) I have started using the lip collagen about 9 months ago. I like the way it instantly plumps up the lip, without burning! I always apply it in the morning when doing my skincare. The lilah b lip oil is something I just started using. I had gotten it in my revolve beauty box, which by the is a great deal if you are wanting some fun new prodcuts!! I love the nude color and that it is an oil.

So I hardly do anything to my eyes, unless I am going to an event or needing to get dressed up! But the two products I do use consistently is my hourglass mascara and my eyebrow pencil. This mascara I started using when it first came out and it is one of the few that really volumizes, lengthens and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. And for me, I Iike the ease of an eyebrow pencil. It's quick and easy, I love the waxy, powder texture of this pencil.

So about 9 months ago I broke out with dermatitis, it's terrible. It had cleared up, but then came back about 3 months ago, so I had to throw all my skincare, foundations and concealers away, it was a sad day:( I wasn't able to figure out what was causing it, but I am having to start over with my products. I LOVED my Laura Mercier foundation, the prettiest finish and wears beautifully. I highly recommend if you are in the market for a new foundation. I am currently just wearing this itCC cream, it is ok. I had tried the original formula when it first came out and did not like it, it was way too heavy for my skin. But I am now trying the oil-free and that seems to be better. Foundation is one product, where you really have to try and see how it does on your skin and how it wears, everyone has different skin types and textures. One foundation is not created for everyone. I have not tried a new concealer yet.

On to hair! A few hair products I absolutely love! This shampoo is so good for that once a week cleanse, it gets all the built-up sweat and dry shampoo out! Little pricey, but since I only use it once a week if that, I can get it to last at least 6-9 months! I love this scalp scrub and body scrub, by Ouai, gets all the flakes out during the wintertime when I get dry and flaky! Smells so good too! Dry shampoo has been tricky for me, I have a sensitive scalp, so a lot of them make my scalp itchy and irritated. I have been using this one and it has been awesome! Finally, a finishing spray, I have been using this Ouai texturizing spray to give me volume and a loose hold. I love how it adds some volume to my flat, fine hair and gives a soft hold, not crunchy! My favorite flat iron is this single pass by T3, smooth pass, doesn't catch and pull my hair like some of them do. And heats up really fast, which is so awesome, I'm talking 30 seconds! Finally, using collagen has been huge for my hair, skin, and nails! I will always take collagen after seeing the results! My hair and nails are stronger and grow so much faster and my skin is appearing smoother!

A few body products I use regularly from Sephora is my favorite sunless tanner by Isle of Paradise. Love the color and the ease of application, I will use it all winter and I have been using it on my face this summer. I use the deep in the summer and the medium in the winter! You do need a mitt to apply and blend it in. I have been through almost two bottles of this body oil, love how it soaks right into the skin and smells so good! Leaves my skin so soft too!

Since having to start over on my skincare, I haven't been able to really dive into new products yet. I, however, did not have to get rid of my favorite makeup cleansing balm. I have tried so many and always go back to this one! I'll have to keep you posted on my skincare journey!! Do you all have favorite skincare products you love??!!!

Lastly, some cleaning products for my tools-makeup brushes, sponges and puffs! Cleaning your tools is so important to avoid bacteria transfer from your tools to your face. This waterless cleanser is great if you really hate cleaning your brushes, I take it on location to clean my brushes between uses. I also use this solid cleanser to get all the foundation out of my sponges! They both are really nice to have!

I do use other products that are not sold at Sephora that I will post about later! These are my favorite Sephora buys! Hope you all have a great Monday!!


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