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Working Out At Home

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Here we go, another week, I've heard rumors that this may go into May:( With that being said the motivation has steadily been decreasing. Sleeping in a little, which has been nice. But then not too excited to get my workouts in. I get them in, but it's not like it used to be! Which is expected because nothing is like it used to be. But I have been enjoying all the free workout videos online.

Orange Theory has come out with a workout every day on Youtube, free for everyone! Which my kids have been doing with me and they find it very challenging. I also downloaded the Peloton app and love running to their workouts. I feel more motivated and challenged when someone is telling me what speed and incline to go at instead of me deciding for myself. They are offering a free 90 days to try out their app workouts! It has strength, yoga, running, etc. Lots of options for everyone. I know there are more options for free workouts online, a lot of gyms have offered up their services online so we can try to stay motivated and in shape at home! I highly encourage you to have a friend to text or talk to you to encourage and challenge you to keep your workouts going, it really helps! Accountability is huge when it comes to at-home workouts!

One thing I have noticed is that I do not have the equipment I would like for some of the workouts. Now most of them are bodyweight workouts or workouts that you can do with things you have laying around the house. But I miss my band workouts or different weight options. I had to get groceries the other day and walked through the aisle at Target for weights, yoga mats etc! It was empty!!!! So everyone is trying to stay in shape at home! Luckily I found some great options on Amazon that will ship to my house!

If you are like me and need a few pieces of equipment to get you through these next couple weeks or what could be two months, I hope these options help! Hope you all are staying healthy and safe! Have a great week!


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