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Small town. Big style. 

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!  My name is Mandy Steven, I am a mom of 5 and married to my high school sweetheart, Nate.  I have been a stay at home mom for the last 14 years, while also doing some freelance makeup on the side. I've come to realize that in my 30s, now that my kids are getting older, I can be more than just a mom.  I created this space to share my passion for fashion, skincare, makeup, and our journey with clean eating! I love to share, I love to help women become more confident with their style and beauty needs.  Honesty is most important, I will always share my honest opinions with my style and beauty suggestions.  And most important, I have placed all of it in His hands and I have Him to thank for it!!


I work with Chanel, and Laura Mercier, and I have worked with Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, Shiseido, and Dolce & Gabanna fragrance. I truly believe makeup can be used to enhance your natural beauty or to bring back what has been lost as we age!  My first passion is skincare, taking care of the skin, and then bringing in makeup where needed! My style is simple, chic!  I love investing in classic pieces that can be worn year after year! Style doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Style doesn't have to stop after having kids, in fact, it gets better! It is amazing when you become confident in your style and that is what I want to help women do!


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