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All Dressed Up

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Did you all survive Spring Break and the time change??!! I thought it was going to be a good thing, but we all ended up sleeping till at least eight o' clock every day! Let's just say I feel bad for the teachers today, sending them prayers!!

This past Saturday we were invited to go to our church Ball, a formal event, so I was excited to get dressed up for once! Of course getting dressed up is fun, but it is also a lot of work! Nate and I usually don't go out much, we enjoy our date night on Friday and Saturday night at home in our pjs, with a glass of wine, movie and popcorn....every Friday and Saturday night. It's something we look forward to all week! But being able to go out and do something out of the ordinary is sometimes just what we need, so a formal Ball is what we did!

First a formal dress is not something I really have, I have some old bridesmaid dresses that were long, but not exactly something I would want to wear again. I went to the Dillard's sale a few weeks ago hoping to find something at a resonable price. I picked out 3 dresses, this dress was the second one I tried on and knew it was a winner! It didn't need hemmed and I loved the color! It is also going to work perfect for a formal wedding we have to go to this summer! The sequin work is just beautifull!!

I wanted to try to find some nude heels to match my dress, I didn't want them to be sparkly or have rhinestones, since the dress was so glitzy. So, I went to to see what they had and found these in Chai that matched aperfectly!! A great nude color that I know I will be able to wear with a lot of other things and they are so comfotable.

So take the time to get all dressed up every once in a while and where that sparkly dress and the heels! It's ok to feel uncomfortable for a few hours and have your feet hurt a little the next day! It's all worth it:) We had a great time!!

Thank you all for following along! Enjoy your week, the weather here is finally looking good!

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