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Amazon Easter Finds

Happy Monday! Well if you are like me and waited until the last minute to get Easter basket items, I'm sharing some of the things I ordered from Amazon Prime, so it will get here in time! I don't usually get them much candy because they get so much from the Easter egg hunts and I just don't like it around the house! I usually try to get them things they either need or will have fun playing with, nothing big, but something small for some outdoor play.

The kids always need a new pair of sandals for the spring and summer, so I am getting them these! I can't get each kid a pair of Birkenstocks, but these look identical for a fraction of the cost! Here is another brand too!

Once the weather gets just slightly warm, the boys are pulling out the water toys! These water blasters seem to be popular and easy to use for all ages! Fill a bucket and let them have some fun! And for some reason we need a few new ones every year!

My kids use water bottles for EVERYTHING! Getting them a new water bottle is always a good idea, love the colors and designs of these.

Your kids may or may not have sunglasses, my kids love to have them since we are outside all the time and we hope to take a hiking trip this summer, so they will need them for that! The colors and the retro design of these are so fun!

My boys are loving anything with the frisbee or boomerangs lately, so I thought these active flyers would be fun, plus I can split it up and give them each one!

Suns out, toes out! We all need a little refresher on our toes after the long winter! The girls love to get new fun nail polish colors, love the fun glitter and that this brand is made without all the awful chemicals!

I love getting gifts that can be broken up! These mechanical pencils come in a group and I can split them up between the three girls. They are getting to the age where they like how certain things write, if you know what I mean. Not gonna lie, I have a favorite pen and I don't let anyone else use it, lol. If you must know it is this one here. BEST pen ever, IMO.

Cannot go wrong with hair accessories, they will love these fun tye die scrunchies! And again, I can split these up between the three of them or save some for other gift options!

Lastly, I thought this would be a fun game for the boys to try out. Sometimes they need something to occupy their time and get them thinking! This little game is only $10 and got great reviews!

Some other ideas I have gotten them before are swimsuits because they always need new ones every year it seems. Love this style for the girls and these for the boys!

Have a great day!

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