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Amazon Favorites-II

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

How's everyone holding up this week?! I just keep thinking about Mother's Day this weekend and how I get to enjoy the entire day, ha! I'm just hoping for no more rain!! I'm tempted to buy these rain suits!! LOL! I've rounded up a few more of my Amazon favorites I have gotten!

First, Nate got me this 6 in 1 device- car charger/ glass breaker/ seatbelt cutter/ power bank/ flashlight/ red emergency beacon. He likes to have me prepared for emergencies:) Thankfully, I haven't had to use it for anything but a car charger! Something everyone should have, kids driving, adults, grandparents!! Would be a great graduation gift!!

A couple trend fashion items, this kimono!! I didn't want to take on the floral trend full force, but thought it would be good to have a piece with a splash of floral and this kimono is the perfect piece to be floral! I was a little hesitant to order clothing thru amazon, but you guys, this is really good quality! And the crochet detail border is really beautiful! Plus it's available in LOTS of different colors and prints! The leopard, snakeskin and black floral one are ones I would like to get too:) I'll be wearing this with my cutoff jean shorts, mom jeans and would be great as a swimsuit cover-up!! And it's under $20!

Another trend I wanted to try was the pearl clip trend, but I didn't want to spend a bunch on clips! I found these for $8.99!! They are perfect, 4 clips and they stay in place and can be mixed and matched!

So I'm gearing up for the end of school and summer time with the kids! I always have them do some sort of school work during the summer, almost daily if we can, to help keep the brains fresh! I probably should buy myself a book too, lol! I have gotten these in the past and the kids really liked them, they were challenged, but still knew how to try to work the problems. Plus the answers are in the back for parents:0 And it comes with math flash cards and vocab! And they are discounted right now, most of them for $9.99.

Book PreK-K

I'm also trying to get ready for our summer vacation! I've gotten a few things, but will do an amazon vacation post next! Santa had gotten this map for the kids for Christmas, they took it to Colorado and loved figuring out what highway and town we were in. We are driving to New York this summer, so we will be going thru a lot of states!

We will be going swimming and my kids like to wear goggles some of the time, so I am getting these!

I also know that we will be taking water bottles for each of the kids and some of the kids have gotten a Yeti for their birthday. And they are so nice! We have tried water bottles from Target, from Under Armour and the lids have broken within a year, dented because they fell on the cement or the straw fell apart. So far these have fallen on the cement, no dents and still look brand new and have made it thru a whole year of school!! I realize it is an investement, but it's better than buying water bottles every year!! We also got this attachment for them, so they can drink from a straw.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Thanks for following along, I really appreciate it!

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