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Athleta Friends and Family

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Good afternoon! Hope you all are ready for this fabulous weekend coming up! Wanted to share a sale that starts today! One of my favorite athletic brands is having their friends and family event. I always stock up when they have their extra percent off! Because I workout in athletic clothes and I also wear them daily at home, it's just too comfy to wear anything else!

This outfit I will wear all winter long!! I'm a huge fan of their joggers, super comfy and they don't "cling" to my backside. If you know what I mean, lol!! There are so many joggers I try on and nope, not for me! But the ones from Athleta are exactly how I want my joggers to fit! I own 4 pairs of their joggers and 2 of these sweatshirts because they are so soft and warm and comfy! I wear an xs in the jogger and the sweatshirt.

Another day, another pair of joggers! I also do love their leggings, but the pair I have are sold out! I will be getting a pair of these this sale! I wear this wrap with ALL my t-shirts. It is so easy to throw on when the weather gets cooler, but still warms up during the day and I can take it off! I am wearing a xsmallpetite for the sleeve length.

Their sports bras and running shorts are also some of my favorites!! Love the support and the different style options! I own 3 pairs of their running shorts and always want to grab for them because they are so comfortable and allow me to move freely without any constrictions. So if you are wanting to make an order, you will either get an email or a personal invite to get the 20% off! Or I just learned this morning from a friend that you can get it if you have the Athleta app! So, I went first thing this morning and downloaded the app and got my order in:) You do have to use the code in the app only!

Hope you all have a great weeknd!! Thank you so much for following along!!

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