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Breaking Out The Hats

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Well, so it seems I didn't need to get my hats out! It's been raining forever here!! When summer comes around, I have a ton of hat options! After my fourth child, Nathan, I developed melasma on my face and it comes back every summer! Keeping out of the sun helps keep it at bay, so that is why I try to have a hat on if I will be outdoors for an extended period of time!

I have my working outdoor hat, that I had gotten from Target to work outdoors in, I have it on a hook right on my way out the door! This hat is similar to the one I have, I have it in black because I usually am in the dirt and would get a lighter one dirty.

I had gotten this Rag and Bone hat a few years ago from the Nordstrom sale! I love the classic look of it and how well made it is! It is definitely one I had to get on sale! Here is one that looks similar for much less and it's on sale! My kimono is from amazon in a small! The tank is from Madewell and I have it in 3 colors, I love it so much. Lightweight for summer and perfect to wear under cardigans. And my shorts are from Lux and the Moon in a small! Use code Mandy15 to recieve 15% off your purchase at, they have so many cute things!

I had just gotten this hat from Banana Republic to wear to the lake and the pool. I like the straw version when I will be around water. I'm tempted to get it in the white or brown color, it's very well made and it can be adjusted on the inside. I also like this one from Madewell becasue it is packable, so you can fold it up and travel with it and not ruin it. And a big floppy one is a must for when you will be out in the sun, maybe laying out, with sunscreen on, of course!

I also keep a bunch of baseball hats around to just wear on those days my hair is frizzy from all the humidity or to shade some of my face from the sun. This camo hat is new from Nordstrom and I'm ordering it, under $20!!

And of course a classic, Yankess hat, I wear a lot of black, so I like the black one. But I need to cheer for my state team, the KC Royals and they have a cute camo hat as well!

Hope you all find a favorite hat to shield you from the sun! And I won't be posting tomorrow, so I hope all the moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!! You all are amazing and are doing a fabulous job! Come see me at Athleta in Wichita this Saturday from 1-3pm for a free mini makeover! Thanks for following along!!

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