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Celebrating First Holy Communion

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Whew what a busy month!! The countdown is on for a very special event for my third daughter, Alana. She will be making her First Holy Communion this year! She is very excited to receive the body and blood of Jesus. There are just a few things I have to finish getting, before I have everything ready!

So with having three girls, I knew buying a new dress for each one the year of their First Communion would be very costly. So, I thought ahead and for each girl I bought their dress the year before when it was 50-75% off!! Which yes, this might not be an option for everyone. Size does play a factor, but it didn't affect anything with my girls. I had them try it on and just kinda guessed how much bigger they would get for the following year, which for a dress like that, they usually allow room or they tie in the back, so you have control over some of the altering. We also found the veil and gloves for 50% off!! I had found all my girls items from our local Von Maur store each year. I am linking a couple dresses that are on sale, here and here. And a veil and a headband!

Now I need to finalize the gifts:) For each one of my girls I had a rosary made by our parish rosary makers and I had my grandma crochet them each a white hanky as a keepsake! I know it will be something they cherish forever:)

I also get each one of the girls a Jesus Calling kids book, the Jesus Calling adult version has been such a huge daily meditaion for me that I was excited to find one for kids. I love the leather cover and it gives the full scripture verse after each meditation for the adult version. The author puts it in words that are relatable to our everyday life and challenges. The girls love reading it aloud at night to each other! I also get a rosary box to hold the rosary that I give them. I actually will get this one because I love the hinge lid and that's the kind I got for the other 2 girls. Some other great ideas I think would work for First Holy Communion would be:

Can't wait for this Blessed day!

And if I don't wear this for Easter, this outfit is an option for me! I love the long flowing skirt from Zara, I'm wearing a small. It also comes in some other colors! I love that it sits higher on the waist too! And my top is from Express, wearing an xsmall:) I'll probably add a cardigan or jacket for that day though.

Off to a field trip with my son, Nathan, today, going to be a great day!! Thanks for following along!!

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