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Closet Clean-up

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Happy First Day of Spring!!! When I think spring, I think new life, fresh start and cleaning! We moved into a much smaller house three years ago, in June, to live out in the country. We hope to build our final house on our property one day, but for now we are making things work in our old, small house. I went from a walk in closet to a tiny coat closet in our master bedroom. I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved, hoping to make the downsize a little easier. As most of you know, after time, things accumulate! So now my closet is very hard to get anything out or even see what I have. Let's just say I always have a few choice words when I open my closet, I really try to be positive, but it is just so hard, lol!! Here is a before and after of my closet! Yikes, it was bad!

I did get rid of a big pile of clothes and a few shoes. My daughter, Ava, actually took most of my clothes and a pair of my shoes. Her foot is actually bigger than mine right now:( I bought this awesome closet organizer from Amazon and I'm so excited how it all turned out! This would also be a great option for your daughter's room or your college teen to have up at school too!

I showcased the clothes that I will wear most of the time this spring. I can now see all of my shoes and have easy access to my main tops and jackets for the current season. Plus, I think it looks so pretty and boutique like! It's kind of like I'm shopping at a store in my bedroom, win!!

Even if you do have a walk in closet, I think this is something you could utilize if you have the room for it. It really does make getting ready fun and so much easier! And you just change out your shoes, clothes and jackets depending on the season!

PS-Nate uses the tiny coat closet in the entry way for his closet, lol!! There was no way he would fit anything in mine!

Linking some of the items I used in case you want to recreate this boutique closet in your home or for your daughter's that might need a little extra storage room! I use velvet hangers for my tanks and cami's and padded hangers for my t-shirts and jackets.

Thank you all for following along, have fun spring cleaning!

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