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Cutoff Mom Shorts and Mixed Prints

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Yay!! It's Friday!! Hope you all had a great week, it sure went fast! With this nicer weather, going on right now, that means short season is coming up fast! Cutoff shorts are a great item to have for a summer staple.

I tried this pair from Lux and the Moon and I just love them. They really are a "mom" short. They sit right at about two fingers width below the belly button and are not short at all. I got them in the size small and they fit great!

The distressing is perfect and they are so comfortable, they remind me of a good pair of Levi's. I mixed it up with two different print combinations and I love how they work together. The leopard clutch is a little feminine, I got it here and the camo shirt is a little masculine, they really balance out each other! This camo shirt is old from Target, but they have this option on sale, my new favorite t-shirt:)

Can't wait to wear these shorts to all the softball games, running the kids to all their summer camps and then to the lake and pool! Check out and receive 15% off your first purchase of anything with code MANDY15!! They have so many cute options for spring and summer and are getting ready to bring in new arrivals, keep an eye out!

Thanks for following along and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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