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December Favorites

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Good morning everyone! Well, an end to the week, a month, a year and a decade! Did you all set goals? I usually just have a group of things I aim to try to accomplish when I start a new year! I always fall off the wagon around Halloween time and my sugar intake starts to increase and peaks in December, so that is one thing I try to do, cut back again on my sugar until Halloween;) I then try to have some personal goals, which last year and this year it will be to continue to work on the blog and hopefully grow in that area. Otherwise, I think the one word I want to focus on is being more intentional this year. With being a mom, wife, friend and with my faith. I sometimes feel like I am just skating by, it's all a blur, I know our life is so busy, but I want it to be more intentional this year! More purposeful! Anyway, I wanted to share the last month of the year's favorites!! I just love December, such a fun month to get dressed up and have cute outfits!

I loved all the sequins this year!! So many great options out there! This skirt could always be used for a wedding or formal event in the future! I sized up one. I ended up wearing this outfit for Christmas mass! The sweater is oversized, would be great to use different color sweaters too! Wearing xs.

Again with the sequins, I love the monochrome look and I have worn this Amazon sweater with everything, wearing a small! Great skirt to wear to a wedding or another event!

sweater | skirt, similar here | heels

These velvet pants fit like a dream!! If it was colder on Christmas eve, I was going to wear this! They fit so well and have a little stretch in them, fit TTS! Love the top too, it is shorter in length, so size up! And these booties were just so stunning, I love the tulle and sparkle factor!

Next up is the spanx leggings, love them! I love that you can wear them so many different ways and they hold everything in. I went up a size. I also am so happy I found these moto boots, they are on sale too! I went with my true size for a boot so I could wear thicker socks.

spanx | sweater, similar here | teddy coat, sold out, similar here | boots

Spanx leggings, wearing them with a different sweater and boots! This sweater is from Amazon and is great quality for the price, soft and warm! I've had these boots for years, definitely worth the investment, same style, different color on sale here. I got my true size and could still wear thick socks.

This last look, I had just added a scarf with my spanx leggings and sweater! SO many looks with one pair of leggings, lol!

scarf | sweater, similar here | spanx | boots

Hope you all have a great Friday!! At least it isn't Tuesday, lol! I have no clue what day it is!



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