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Dermaplane and Hydrafacial

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hope you all had a great weekend! We were busy, I had two weddings that I did makeup for the bride and bridesmaids, Nate's birthday on Saturday and Father's day Sunday! I need another weekend, lol!

On Friday, I was able to get a Dermaplane and a Hydrafacial from Mallory at Shaw Plastic Surgery. My skin lately has started to change again with the changing of the temps. I have had a couple more breakouts and just wanted to give my skin a refresh. I also have been doing my Dermaplane at home thanks to COVID, but I love it when I can go in and have someone do it for me and really get all that peach fuzz off! So Mallory first went in and cleaned my face to prep it for Dermaplane. She then used a blade to go over the surface of my face that gets all the hairs and dead skin cells off. I have taken a picture that is not edited to show you what she scraped off of my face!

You can see the pile of hair and dead skin by my ear. I also notice how dry my face looks, lol! It is so satisfying seeing all that come off of my face! Such a relief!

She then starts the Hydrafacial after getting my face all cleaned up. Hydrafacial is a process that uses suction to exfoliate, extract, and hydrate. It uses a mix of glycolic and salicylic acids to decongest and exfoliate the skin and then uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. It's a very easy, painless process and the results are amazing! This procedure will help with fine lines/wrinkles, texture, enlarged pores, and overall tone of your skin!

You can see how clean my face looks and hydrated! My skin is glowing again!

This picture shows in the lower left-hand corner of the container little black dots and debris. Those black dots are blackheads! So gross, but so good to see that they are off of my face!

I highly recommend Mallory at Shaw Plastic Surgery! She is very knowledgable when it comes to skin and knowing what steps to take for getting your skin in the best shape it can be! We talked about laser hair removal, thanks to my hormones and chemical peels to help get rid of my melasma! She is also on Instagram and posts about products, recommendations, and procedures on there. Follow her @farhaaesthetics she has been performing procedures for 14 years!

This is a picture of my skin after I got home with a tinted moisturizer on! It looks and feels so much better! I will be posting the procedures on my Instagram stories today to show you videos! I absolutely loved the tinted moisturizer she used on me and was running low, so I got me a bottle! I love the tint, SPF 36, and the natural glow it gives my skin! Message her to get your bottle!

  • all of these pics are raw and unedited to see the actual results of my skin!

Have a great day!



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