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Exfoliating Mitt by Microderma

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

With summer in full swing, the kids have been wearing more shorts, tanks, swimsuits, and sunscreen! And so, they started asking me what the bumps on the back of their arms and on their face are. I told them that is what I had when I was little, "chicken skin" or the more technical term keratosis pilaris. It's the build-up of dead skin cells and it needs to be exfoliated away by using a physical or chemical exfoliator. Trust me, it was something that bothered me for years and I had tried everything. Using a physical exfoliator, like a scrub and it had just gotten expensive and the chemical exfoliator worked, but had stripped my skin so much that my skin just hurt! So I had just given up! And after I had kids, it had started to go away.

So with my kids asking about it, I started looking for a product that could maybe help that I didn't know about! I came across these exfoliating mitts, gentle enough but rough enough to help smooth the skin! I thought it was worth giving it a try. I use it in the shower, and if you have ever done dry brushing, it feels exactly like that but with wet skin! It really softens and a bonus, it helps buff away any extra self-tanner! It would also work great to use before self-tanning as an exfoliator! We have been using them for a few weeks and it definitely softens the skin and the bumps are not as visible!

I'm going to try this makeup remover mitt! All you need is water to remove your makeup! It will be great to use in a pinch or when traveling!

I also have a 15% discount if you check out through this link. Good thru June 28! Thank you Microderma Mitt for gifting me with these products!

Woohoo! Halfway through the week, have a great day!


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