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Fall Jackets

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This week has warmed up a bit, but I know those temps are going to be going back down here soon. I wanted to go over a few fall jackets that I think are just classics and will be around for a while! Those jackets that you can use season after season! So to show you why you need so many jackets, lol! I wanted to use a basic outfit and show you how changing up the jacket changes the appearance of the outfit! My simple outfit is a monochrome black, I always love an all-black outfit. I did use a trend piece, the puff sleeve. This top is called a trend piece because it will only be around for a season or two. But it is so fun to have a couple of trend pieces each season!

I found a few options for the balloon sleeve, this is the one I have here, an option here, here and here. I have been wearing these black jeans with everything! I love the distressed finish and they are so comfy! I did size up one but probably could've gone with my true size. But maybe because they fit a little looser is why I always grab for them;) I also have had these black mules for years, they are my go-to when I just want to slide something on. They are sold out, but found similar here, here, here, and here. I have the Sam Edelman in white and sized down half a size and I have the Kurt Geiger in a blush color and went with my true size! I love mule shoes, lol! I like to use Nordstrom a lot for some basics because they offer free shipping and free returns! So if I am unsure of a size, I will order two and just send one back!

The basic denim jacket, a MUST have! Goes with everything you could possibly own! I found so many options, here, here and here!

The utility or field jacket! I have had mine for years, found similar here, here and here! Can also go with so many outfits as an extra layer!

A good black leather jacket, I love the moto jackets to add that edgy vibe! I feel like these are such a classic, I have a real leather one here, that Nate got for me for our anniversary one year and it is so buttery soft! I did go by the recommended size guidelines and it fits perfectly! But I also think there are a lot of great faux leather ones out there. A few options for the real leather here and here. Faux leather options here, and here. Such a great option to dress up with pants, skirts, or dresses, or dress down with jeans or joggers!

Lastly a suede option! I finally caved and got one here and I love it! Perfect to wear with jeans, skirts, and dresses! I found a bunch of options in other colors that are on sale. Here, here and here.

These are some of my fave fall jackets and a favorite trend piece, the puff sleeve top! Enjoy your Wednesday!


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