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Friday Favorites

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It's Friday! What a great day! This is the first weekend we don't have any plans, I'm so excited! I really hope to get some cleaning done, I feel like I can never catch up on that, lol! I started something last week on my and wanted to let you guys in on the fun! So my top Friday 5 Favorites. These are items that I have used a lot from the week or were a top seller from the week. Sometimes it is hard to pick just 5, but these are things I really use a lot and know you would love them too!

So first up is my diffuser, I know I have talked about this before, but it is my favorite thing to do in the morning! Start the diffuser, the smell of my oils in the air instantly puts a smile on my face and I am motivated to take on the day! And it is on sale I noticed yesterday!

Ok this is my favorite tee aside from the target tee, the difference is the distressing on this one, and it's oversized. So I don't have to buy larger to have it look larger. I just get my normal size. I have this one in three colors, black, white, and tan in an xs. You can wear it over leggings or biker shorts because it covers the bum or tie it in a knot with some shorts, jeans, or skirts or just wear it tucked in like I did here.

tee | jeans | sunglasses-use code mandysteven15 to get 15% off your purchase at MVMT

So this year has been testing us in so many ways, I am grateful that I have my health and I love that I can get all the vitamins and beauty essentials in this pill! These time capsule vitamins are an all in one daily vitamin! They have all the daily vitamins and minerals I need plus the added bonus of beauty essentials like the omegas, turmeric, and green tea! Just to name a few! Be sure to use code mandy to get 20% off!

I have such a time with mascara, my eyes are sensitive and I can't wear a lot of the formulas. I am always amazed at how amazing my lashes look after I use this mascara! People always ask if I have false lashes on and this formula doesn't irritate my eyes! It is actually 15% off when you spend $150 in beauty, which I could do easily and stock up on some of my favorites, the sale includes a lot of brands!

And again with everything going on handwashing and sanitizer have become something happening every minute of the day! A lot of these hand sanitizers can include harmful ingredients and can just wreak havoc on our hands. I love this spray version, I feel like the spray is much more controlled when coming out. The gel types I always get so much and they drip everywhere and we are wiping up the excess and it just is a mess. Plus with sprays, I use them on light switches, my steering wheel, doorknobs, everywhere, lol! These are made with great ingredients and smell amazing from To & Fro. Use code mandy10 to get 10% off!

Have a great weekend!


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