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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I really tried hard to get this out earlier, I just need more hours in the day and more energy, more sleep, ha! I know we probably all need that! But I wanted to share some Friday Favorites because you all loved these this past week!

Loving this shirt jacket, it is the perfect weight for spring! I love the color too, fits TTS. I have not talked about these denim shorts yet, but I have to share how amazing they are! Suggesting to anyone to spend over $100 on jean shorts is not something I would take lightly, but when they are that good, you have to spread the word! I think of jean shorts as an investment piece, they never go out of style and you will wear them year after year! These are the perfect investment piece. I struggled for two years thinking I didn't need them, I ordered them this year just to "try" them. I thought for sure I would be sending them back. You guys, these shorts are not going anywhere!! Worth it. They are included in the Shopbop sale, it ends tonight! I usually wear a 25/26 and got these in a 26, they fit amazing! Great length and feels like those denim shorts you have been grabbing for years! The sunglasses and sandals are part of the sale too!

This faux leather hat is a must too, I love the color and perfect for those bad hair days!

I have been using a cleansing balm for YEARS! It is the first thing I use when I am washing my face at night. I am very picky when it comes to cleansing balms, I have tried a lot and some I never will use again! I love the ones from Elemis, I have tried the original and the rose cleansing balm and they are great! Melts the makeup off and leaves the skin feeling great. I always double cleanse, so I will use a mild cleanser after the cleansing balm.

Skincare is my absolute favorite!! Sharing these serums again from Herbal Face Food because a lot of you really enjoyed the live I did with the Founder of these products! If you haven't seen the live, highly recommend. You can find it in my Instagram under my IGTV tab. A few things to go over really quick with these products. They are the most powerful antioxidant products on the market to date! You will SEE instant results in some way. The immediate glow, smoother, brighter skin. You will FEEL it working, these products contain live botanicals, which makes them very potent. You have to shake the bottles to activate the botanicals. Your face will get heated or have a burning sensation after application, it quickly disappates, but this means the botanicals are getting into the skin and working at the cellular level. I cannot recommend these enough. I use The Cure all over my face to tackle, sunspots, melasma, acne scars. I then follow up with Serum I, I just finished two bottles of that and will start Serum II. I have been using these products for about 7 months now and one of my very noticeable sun spots has faded to almost nothing! I was shocked!!

An exerpt from the Herbal Face Food website-

Another very interesting piece of information, skincare products are measured by the ORAC scale, which means Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The higher the ORAC value the more ability it has to reduce oxidative damage to the cells. The sooner you can start using these products the better! You will start slowing the aging process immediately! Herbal Face Food The Cure has the highest rated ORAC value out of all the skincare brands out there.

Celebrity makeup artists and celebrities are trying these products and are blown away by them, famous model Gisele Bundchen is featured on the cover of Vogue featuring Herbal Face Food.

I would not recommend something that I do not really love, I give my honest opinion and can say that I will never stop using these products! Will you get the same results as the next person, I do not know. We are all built with different features, genes, live in different areas of the world, so the results will vary! Will you see results somehow, 100%. The only way to get a discount is to use my code! They never run sales, never have deals. This brand wants to grow by word of mouth from people using and loving the products, not from mass marketing or constant sales. Use code MANDYS20 to get 20% off. If you have any questions about these products, I would love to help, or the brand has so many helpful people available to answer questions too!

Lastly this cozy blanket is needed on this rainy day!! I love this blanket, it is a great designer inspired blanket to the famous Hermes blankets. I have them in all of the colors and love them and they wash up nice!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! We have a busy one with flag football, basketball, a horse jackpot and I will be doing prom makeup all day tomorrow! So it will be fun and fast!

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