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Friday Favorites

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I know we are only about a week or a few days into back to school, but I am so ready for the three day weekend. Ava has started her volleyball games and the nightly grind of homework and schedules has started! Hopefully, once we get back into the swing of things I can get back to getting regular blog posts out. I had to get my Friday Favorites out and also ask a huge favor! I hate asking for help, but I am not sure what else to do! If you subscribe to the blog, I consider you my all-time favorite followers! We get bombarded with emails daily and for you to hit that subscribe button means the world to me:) SO thank you for being my all-time favorites!

Another platform I use is Instagram, if you follow me on there I also appreciate it!! Instagram is making it very hard for other people to follow you or even see your post. So to break it down, when I post a picture to Instagram, they decide if your post gets seen by other people other than your followers. I am asking for your help if you see my post on Instagram to save it. Saves are like a MEGA like, it sends Instagram a message that people really like your post and they bump it up. Comments rank next and then likes. Liking and commenting are still important, but if you could also save that would be amazing! No one can see who saves, I cannot even see who saves, I can only see how many saves I get! I didn't even know how to save until about 6 months ago! I have a picture of the save button circled, it's to the right of the like and comment icons. Thank you so much in advance!!

Anyway, that is that, on to the fun part!

This sweater is making a comeback this year, I had gotten it in the beige and grey ribbed last year and I just got it in the smooth white and love it! Can be dressed up or down, worn with leggings, jeans, skirts, and work pants! It's a great transitional sweater and it comes in one size fits most. So you don't have to know what size you need, plus it would make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas. And it's only $24!

I am so excited for the fall temps and that means all the fall candles! I picked this one up at Target the other day and I just love the scent. Redwood is a great earthy warm fragrance. This size is just bigger than a votive and the pretty container can be used again. I love to light it when I am working on my computer!

With summer coming to an end, so will the bronzed skin! I have talked about this self-tanner before and it's coming up again. I have actually used this during the summer months since I do not get out into the sun much. I use the dark in the summer and the medium in the wintertime. When applying with a mitt, I never have had any streaks and I love the color. I use the drops on my face and the spray on the body. Plus it fades nicely too. This kit is such a great deal and still available. Would make a great gift too!

I love a good comfy tennis shoe, honestly all my shoes have to be comfy! The other day my ankles and legs hurt so bad, I knew I needed to get some new tennis shoes. It's crazy how your body knows when things are not working anymore! I traded my worn tennis shoes for these and it made such a difference. I wear tennis shoes all day every day, I love the style of these and the support. A lot of people work out in this style, I don't think I would like them for my workout shoe, but they are perfect for daily wear! And they are on sale! Adidas is having 25% off everything, some exclusions apply. Use code SALE25. This style is also popular. I did size down half a size. I normally wear a 7 1/2 in tennis shoes and got these in a 7.

Lastly, comfy pjs! With the temps taking a dip at night, I trade out my summer pjs for my warmer ones! I saw these at Target and loved how lightweight and soft they were. I'm weird and have to wear pj pants year-round, I don't like my legs touching. Probably because I need to shave, lol! I can wear a cami or tshirt with these until the temps really drop and then use the long sleeve button down as a coverup! They do run big, they were a tad long for me and I'm wearing an xs. And for the set, it is $29!

Well, that is my Friday Favorites, I hope to get my favorite Labor Day sales up on the blog tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Friday and thanks for following along!


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