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Friday Favorites

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Finishing the week off with Friday Favorites! I can't believe next week is Black Friday, seems crazy with the warmer temps we have been having! I was wearing shorts yesterday!! I am so excited to share these favorites this week because they are just that good!

In the house we are currently living in, storage space is extremely limited! I am always trying to find nice, inexpensive storage solutions! I came across this beautiful piece on the Target website and read the rave reviews and went for it! I am so glad I did!! The stain color is perfect, I love the cane door fronts and it fits everything I was wanting to hide! It does have shelves, I thought if I ever needed to use a basket to store smaller things I could fit some storage baskets in it. I haven't styled it too much because I am just going to put my Christmas decor out soon!

Another winner from Target is this log holder! I had seen it in-store and loved it, but didn't get it. I got home and began to think that it is actually the perfect piece because of its metal construction and modern feel to it. So I ordered it right away. We don't have a wood burner in this house, but we will in the next. I also think it is perfect for a covered porch outdoors for all those fire pits! I still need the boys to get some logs cut for me!

These satin pajamas from Express have been so popular!! I just think it is such a great gift and a great price if you want to trade in your old T-shirt and sweatpants;)

These last two items are my absolute favorite. This jewelry box I just got in and had to share it right away. I think it is perfect for anyone out there and only $26! The felt inserts can come out and there are three different drawer configurations. A must-have for all the ladies!

I know I just talked about this cardigan yesterday, but comfy and cozy is all I want to be right now. Sitting on the couch watching movies! So I am sharing it again because other ladies were loving it too! It is 50% off if you are signed in to be an insider and fits a tad big, wearing an xs. This is the color oyster.

Hope you all have the best weekend!

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