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Friday Five

I'm so happy it is Friday!! This week has been crazy, which I knew it was going to be with it being the kids' last week of school! I have a few more presents to get and then ALL of the wrapping to do! It is kinda nice that the kids have next week off, it gives us some time to do more holiday fun instead of Christmas happening right away! We still have the holiday baking to do and I don't even have my stockings up yet! I was going to share my Friday favorites and then 5 things I want to do within the next few days leading up to Christmas to make it more enjoyable and intentional! First up my Friday Favorites! These are things that I have posted about and you all are loving as well!

This candle is AMAZING! It smells so good and the glass jar is just gorgeous! I love having it sit around during the holidays! It was on sale, 30% off, makes a great gift! I actually stocked up on them last year when they went on sale, so I had them ready when the season started this year. My other favorite holiday one from them is sold out already!

I love shoes, all shoes, but sneakers are my all-time favorite! I wear them all the time, so I like a cute pair when I am wearing my joggers, jeans or leggings! These Adidas are a perfect neutral, comfy sneaker. And I thought they looked very similar to the trending New Balance sneaker that is 3 times as much! I normally wear a seven in a sneaker and I got these in a seven, so I would say they fit TTS. And they are free shipping!

I shared this robe last week and you guys are loving it! It is so soft and a great dupe to the barefoot dreams robe at a fraction of the cost! Would make a great gift or a great time to switch out your old robe!

This blazer coat is so good and for only $50! A great way to add style to a basic mom uniform, add this chic blazer coat to run errands and you instantly look like you have it together!! Which I need, cuz I am hanging on by a thread;) It fits TTS, wearing a size small.

Lastly, this coat was a great purchase last year and it is back this year on sale! It's a great basic coat that will last for years with its classic color and shape! Fits TTS.

And finally, 5 things I am going to try to do to be more intentional this holiday season!

  1. Bake with the kids and not let it be rushed, to enjoy the mess!

  2. Put electronics away for 2 hours and watch a Christmas movie with the kids!

  3. Decide on a Christmas menu since we are not going anywhere this year and decorate the table to the nines with place setting decor!

  4. Leave goodies on the porch for neighbors and friends!

  5. PRAY!! We prayed together as a family a couple of weeks ago and it really was the best ever! And it only took 15 minutes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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