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Getting personal about my LOVE for makeup

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Being in the makeup industry for over 15 years I have helped hundreds of ladies find their shade of foundation, that perfect red lip, and many other products. Yes, making sales is part of my job, but that's not the real reason I started doing makeup. All the wonderful beauty products, the pretty colors, the textures, the smells. Makeup touches a lot of the senses! It can make people happy. Everyone who knows me knows that I do not wear very much makeup, I do not like doing my own makeup, lol! Maybe it's because I have five kids and zero time to actually take the time to do it. Maybe I'm ok with walking out the door with no makeup on. Maybe I forget that I didn't put any makeup on that morning. Whatever the reason, when I do take the time to do my makeup I do feel more alive, like I have a little pep in my step!! Makeup can do that to people, and THAT is the reason I LOVE makeup. I love helping women feel a little bit better about themselves after they see me. I help them understand the reasons behind wearing certain products, how it can enhance features they do like.

As you know, we are all aging, and with that comes uneven skin tone, sun spots, wrinkles, dark circles, loss of hair in the eyebrows and eyelashes. Makeup can help bring us back to our youth, or maybe we are ok with aging and embrace all that comes with it. But if you are not, makeup can help bring that pep back in your step!!

It also helps women in other ways, just this last weekend I helped two women find makeup to help them in difficult circumstances. One lady walked in embarrassed and wanted to cover her face; she had a huge bruise on the side of her face. I do not know how she got the bruise, all I know is she wanted it gone. I ended up doing a full face, meaning complexion, eyes, lips. I helped her feel better about herself; she left the store with a little pep in her step. My other lady was to start chemo this last Tuesday; her cancer had come back. She was going to lose her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Typically, she hadn't worn much makeup but was relying on it to bring her back after she had lost her hair. She had become emotional when explaining to me what she was wanting and needing. After showing her what makeup could do, I could see how she was a little hopeful. She had left the store feeling a little bit better than when she had walked in, and that is all I can hope for. It's all the ladies I help that are happier after seeing what makeup can do, that makes me LOVE makeup.

And then it's those happy occasions, the high school dances, proms, weddings, galas and events that I do makeup for, that allows me to have fun with makeup. Ladies stepping out of their comfort zone a bit to maybe do a smokey eye, that red lip or a dab of glitter. Makeup helps give us confidence and allows us to express ourselves! So if you see me and I'm not wearing much makeup, well that's just me, and yes I call myself a makeup artist even though I may not look like one, LOL!!

Me in action!

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