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Got the Winter Blues?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I know I am sure ready for Spring!! If you are like me and looking a little white and pasty, then the thought of shorts and dress season is a little scary. Going over my top sunless tanners that I have tried! First and most important with self tanners, you need to exfoliate and moisturize! Otherwise the tan will not look even and will come out blotchy looking. I've been using this new exfoliator for hair and body by Ouai. I love it and it smells amazing!! Naturally my body is dry and flaky, and so is my scalp, lol. So I like this 2 in 1 product, I can scrub my scalp and body!! On to the tanners:)

I love this one from Vita Liberta, it gives a nice natural tan and deepens as the day goes on. You do, however, have to make sure you apply with a mitt evenly and make sure dry skin is hydrated. This looks very natural, but it will show mistakes because the tan is medium to deep, so if you miss a spot it will be apparent. It has a faint smell as tan deepens, but I didn't mind it.

This one from Isle of Paradise, I use once a week, after my shower. I spray all over my arms, chest, neck and face and rub in. The clear formula could be good and bad for some people. It is hard to see where you have actually applied it, so be mindful of that. But I love how it doesn't smell and it's forgiving, at least it has been for me. If it isn't perfect I feel like its not as noticeable as it is with the first sunless tanner. I also love that it fades nicely. I'm on the fourth day and it still looks good. For the price point, it's a really nice self tanner and probably my favorite right now!! A lot of places are sold out online, check stores for availability or this website still has some!

Arm test, bottom one has Isle of Paradise. This was after 6 hours, it deepened even more after 12!

Josie Maran Self Tanning Oil is one I used all the time last year! It is such a pretty color and goes on really smooth, it does however, require a mitt for application to get it on evenly. Good news, it actually has the mitt included when you buy it:) What's nice about this one is that it instantly gives you some color and you can see where you have applied it, so you don't miss spots! I did a spot test on this one too, so you guys could see the difference and the color!

I used this sleep oil the other night and it gave a nice tan!! The Isle of Paradise did just as good and for the price point, I wouldn't get this again. However, this does have skincare ingredients, so if you are looking for skincare with a sunless tanner then this would be a good option!

I sure do love a little bit of color during these cold days!! Maybe one of these options will work for you! Bring on Spring!!!!

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