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Hat Season

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

With the weather getting warmer and the sun staying out longer, I have to start reaching for my hats again! I developed melasma after Nathan was born on the left side of my face and it really flares up once it hits the sun. It lightens in the winter and then comes back.

So I have hats hanging everywhere during this time of year! Garden hats, floppy hats, beach hats, cute hats, ALLL the hats. I have been loving the wool styles during the spring and then will switch over to the straw hats when it really warms up. Sharing some of my current favorites and some I'm excited to wear this summer!

This first hat is such a good one, I love the shape and the color! Grey is my favorite color, the kids say that can't be a favorite color, but I love it!! I did measure my head and went according to website size charts and it fit perfectly. It gives nice coverage and is structured, not floppy or soft! Great hat to dress up or down!

This next hat is a great value if you ever thought of trying a hat! It's structured and the brim is stiff, it will always be straight unless you bend it. I love the price and color options! Great hat to dress up or down too!

This next one is sold out, but I found an identical one here! I love the brown and caramel combo, it's a soft hat, the brim is soft, it's bendable but still holds a great shape! It is one size, it runs just a tad big on me but I don't mind, if it bothered me, I can get a hat filler.

top | jeans | mules | hat, similar here

Here is the very first wool hat I had ever bought, like 4 years ago at the Nordstrom sale! Of course, it is sold out but found a similar here. It is a soft hat and a somewhat floppy brim. If I don't keep it laying flat, the brim will become bent. It is not a stiff structure brim.

jeans | earrings | hat, similar here

I love this straw one during the summer months, a little more breathable than the wool. This color is sold out but it is here and here. Great sun coverage and nice structure to it.

hat here and here | top | joggers

I also love this one it's really airy, and more of a soft feel to it. Not stiff or too structured. And it's a great price point. It is sold out in the tan color, but I also love the black and have a similar black one!

hat in black | top | shorts | sandals

Here is my black hat that sold out last year and is BACK! I love the soft feel and it was perfect to grab to go to the lake or the pool!

Hope you guys try out hats if you haven't already! I was certain that hats weren't for me, but then when you kinda have to wear them for other reasons than just an accessory you start to love them!


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