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Holiday Gifts and Outfits

How is it already Thanksgiving next week?! I'm trying to keep ahead of all the sales this year, but they are going to be pretty crazy this year! I have to share the Express sale because it is exactly the black Friday sale they have every year. The only catch to getting the 50% off deal early is that you have to be an insider, which means signing up and creating a password. It is so easy and it is free!! Plus you can get your holiday outfit and some Christmas gifts done early!! Even if you are not dressing up this year for the holidays, putting on a little sequins for a small home gathering is going to make all the difference!

I did find this cozy cardigan that I might have to live in and wear with my holiday sequins skirt or pants! It would make a great gift too! Perfect to dress up or dress down with leggings like I have here. You can actually see how soft and cozy it is! Might fit a tad big, wearing xs. This is the color oyster.

Here is the full length view!

I also grabbed this coat at 50% off! This is a wool coat, it is unlined. Which I actually like it unlined, it has a nice flow to it and is lightweight! And it comes with a tie belt to wrap around your waist if you want. I think it is the perfect coat to dress up or down!

Pajamas and slippers, the perfect gift. Nobody wants to buy nice pajamas or slippers, I would rather buy the pretty sequin pants that I will wear a handful of times. But the pajamas I would wear all the time, I just don't ever want to buy the nice pajamas, lol. So in my opinion, I think they make a great gift!

And lastly, the holiday outfits!! So pretty, so simple. Sequins is perfect fot the holidays, New Years Eve, and weddings! It's great to have one sequin piece in your closet! I think the silver or the black sequins are great options! I love doing the monochromatic look with the sequins. I think the red velvet pants you could wear the ivory or the black sweater!

Have a great day!

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