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May Makeup

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

May is the busiest month I have ever seen, it's possibly worse than December. Or maybe it's because I'm so exhausted from the entire school year, May just seems like the worst month ever!! But there were so many beautiful moments in May, I was able to do some wedding makeup and a graduation, plus a few events!!

Ann-Mother of the Groom, Ann wanted natural, but her eyes to pop and some pretty pink lips:) Love how she's just glowing!

Samantha-Bride, Samantha doesn't usually wear much makeup, but I wanted her eyes to be the show and they sure were!

Brenda-Mother of the Groom, love how brown Brenda's eyes are and her perfectly shaped lips!!

Kristie-Sister of the Groom, Kristie wanted her eyes to be the star, but not too bold! I love how they turned out!! Beautiful shaped lips from their mom:)

Susie-Sister of the Groom, love how the browns and golds worked on Susie's brown eyes! And her lips are ahhmazing!!

Isabelle-Graduation, I'm use to doing Isabelle's makeup for school dances, I loved how she wanted to go softer on the eye and a little pop of pink on the lip!

Susanne-mom of Isabelle, I'm always mesmorized by Susanne's eyes, just stunning blue!!

Regan-Bride, Regan wanted that soft naural look for her big day! Used a neutal brown palette and her eyes are just beautiful!

Carrie-Mother of the Bride, Carrie wanted natural, but I wanted her green eyes to turn and they sure did with some soft purples! So pretty!

I was also able to do makeup at our local Athleta store to pamper some ladies, I had a blast teaching everyone that stopped by!

I also did a one on one makeup lesson with a client and helped teach a Beauty Counter class to a group of ladies wanting to update their skincare and makeup routine! Whew, see ya later May!! If you are interested in getting your makeup done or needing to update your routine, message or email me at

Have a great weekend!! Be sure to follow me on pinterest

and the app search mandysteven

Here are some basics that I use on all my makeup clients! Message me for specific product info!

Primer: Laura Mercier | Foundation: Laura Mercier | Powder: Laura Mercier | Concealer: Laura Mercier | Under Eye Powder: Laura Mercier | Lid Primer: Laura Mercier Flax and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rosegold | Brows: Anastasia Pencil and Powder | Bronzer: Chanel Les Beige in 50 Eyeliner: Stila | Highlight: Laura Mericer Indiscretion | Mascara: Shiseido Waterproof

Thank you so much!! Have a great weeknd!!


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