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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

I am so surprised that it is almost Mother's Day, nevermind, nothing surprises me anymore, lol! I rounded up some of my favorites for some great gift ideas! I was only able to get two graphics done and then I am just going to suggest some of my favorites!

One of the few days I maybe sleep in is on Mother's Day, and breakfast in bed is one of the kids' favorite things to do for me! I rounded up some favorites for a little breakfast in bed, all from Amazon! My Nespresso latte/espresso/ cappuccino maker. SO many features, that is why we got it. Easy to clean and SUPER easy to use. Love these glass mugs and of course some pretty gold spoons to stir in whatever you like in your latte/coffee! These coffee syrups are perfect, I love that they do not use corn syrup, but actual real sugar. I of course wish it was organic but it has better ingredients than most! One of my favorite Mother's Day gifts, this toaster oven! We threw out the toaster and don't use the microwave as much. We use this toaster oven, morning, noon, and night! It has so many features and is easy to clean too! These gold strainers are so pretty and perfect for washing off berries for breakfast, among other things! I have not tried this air fryer, but have heard good things!

Some great gift ideas from Anthropologie and they are 20% off! These beautiful initial necklaces love the vintage look. Probably my go-to tweezers for the last fifteen years! No mom can say that their neck never hurts, no mom. Neck heat wrap! I wear these silk scrunchies every day if I am not working out! I saw these hair clips and that is what I want for Mother's Day, they are not on sale, but they are so cute. Love the colors and the sizes! I have been using a silk pillowcase for years, I won't ever go back. I love the feel and I like to think it helps my hair and prevents wrinkles! I love this pillow spray, it smells so good and instantly relaxes me. I sometimes spray it on the kid's pillows and they love that! My favorite diffuser is 20% off, I love the look, perfect for any room in the house! And this body scrub is something I have been wanting to try and it always sells out!

Of course, I would take anything from Lululemon, always a treat to get some cute athleisure/workout clothes. A gift card will work too:)

I also love to get some favorites from Nordstrom, sometimes a gift card is just the way to go so we can treat ourselves to anything we want!

Pottery Barn has so many gorgeous clay pots, I am trying to collect a few for the new place. This one is so pretty and big! I also just ordered this one, it is gorgeous!

I will continue to post gift ideas on my Instagram @mandysteven and my Facebook page!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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