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Must Have Beauty Products For Summer

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Good morning!! How's everyone's week going so far?! So when things start to heat up, I have to change my beauty products. We hardly ever get a spring here in Kansas, it goes from cold to cool to hot in no time, might be the humidity, but I sweat from the get go in May! I'm rounding up some of my beauty products I like to use in the summer!

I've come to realize how much damage the sun can do, to our skin and to our hair! I like to use this protective spray when I'm using styling tools, but also when I will be outside, it has UV protectant in it! And since I tend to sweat most of the time, a little hair fragrance helps:) I LOVE the smell of these products and this is the first line that I have actually liked every single product they carry! It has helped my hair so much in terms, of keeping it healthy and calming the frizz! I know the prices might scare you, but you really do no need to use much of these products, a little goes a very long way! I have had the large hair oil for over a year!! I've also tried numerous dry shampoos and have had issues with all of them until I tried this one, amika perk up dry shampoo. It has been the only one that has not weighed my hair down or made my sensitive scalp itch!!

Some cute hair products for this summer! Hair is up most of the time, especially in the summer, I just get so hot when it is down. I have been using these silk ponytail holders for 6 months and I've only had to use 1 from the pack, where as the Goody brand, I might have went through 2-3 by now. And they don't break my hair! And these pearl and tortoise clips are just a must this year for a different summer look!

And now the organ that is the largest on your body, your skin!! That means you need to take care of it. Now I am defineitley one that did not listen to my mom when she told me to wear sunscreen when I was younger and I was a lifeguard for 2 years, so my skin is headed down. Sun spots have started, wrinkling, it's happening! But no matter when you start, just starting to protect your skin is headed in the right direction! I use a tinted moisturizer daily, year round! I like this one and this one. And I know a lot of ladies that will not change after using this one!! They provide my skin with my moisture, SPF and help even my skin out! And if I'm going to be out in the sun for longer periods I also add another layer of face and body SPF, I like this one and this one. And don't forget about your lips!! They are aging too and need protection, I like this one and this one! I definitely like to use a mineral sunscreen for my lips.

Yes, I tend to get a little bit of a tan in the summer on my body, but my face usually stays the same color year round. So, I do like to use a sunless tanner on my face or bronze it up. I have been loving this self tanner for my face and body and definitely use this mitt:) It gives the prettiest tan without looking streaky or orange! And this is my absolute favorite bronzer, it goes on so smoothly and looks great on most skin tones! I love using this brush with it to give it more of that airbrush, evened out look.

And just keeping your body hydrated is what we need year round! That sun will just suck up all the moisture, I love this body moisturizer and this one! They both smell so good and soak right into the skin!

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