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My Favorite Daily T-Shirt

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

So we moved to the country a little over two and a half years ago. To say it has been an adjustment is an understatement, lol! Let's just say there are days I wonder why we moved out here and then I am reminded of one of the reasons why when I look out the window. Horses!!! Seeing the horses outside, makes me smile. They are just so pretty to look at!

But for my girls they have loved horses since they were little, always wanting to ride, always wanting riding lessons. We knew this was something we should try to do when we started looking for a place in the country. Plenty of room for horses. I love to watch them ride and just being around horses they have gained confidence, understanding and muscles, lol.

As for me, I don't ride yet, maybe one day! I'm content taking them their carrots and apples during the day wearing my favorite t-shirt!! I have tried many t-shirts out and it always seems the expensive ones get ruined! Either by stains, or accidently throwing them in the dryer!! I do like the Madewell t-shirts and have them in a few colors, but for my daily wear t-shirts I go to Target.

I use to buy the Mossimo brand when they carried it, but now they no longer sell it. A few months ago, I bought the brand, Universal Thread, it's a new brand they started carrying. They are amazing, soft and comfortable!!! I went into the store the other day and bought this vintage grey color. I bought it in a small for a little looser fit. They have a wide range of colors and a camo one I almost bought!

Our horse Tiffany is photo bombing, lol

Plus, you can't beat the price, only $8 and online they are 2 for $14 right now, and if you have your Target red card you get an additional 5% off! I have washed and DRIED these numerous times with no problem, no color change and no shrinkage. So far they haven't started pilling yet, like the Mossimo ones did. I would say this is a win, win!! Has anyone else tried these yet??

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