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My First Vintage Designer Bag

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Keep on going, halfway through the week everyone!! I had purchased my first vintage designer bag about three to four years ago. It was actually the first designer bag event that Von Maur had.

My first Louis Vuitton speedy bag:)

I knew this was the only way I would probably be able to get one, if I got it from Von Maur and used their interest free credit card. No joke, interest free!! I had saved up some, but put the rest on the card. I never actually used my bag until I had it paid off and then I felt like it was actually mine!! Von Maur is hosting another Luxury Vintage Handbag event, April 13th at 9:30am. One day only!!

Sneak peak of some of the bags they will have! I really liked that Prada one:)

I know owning a designer bag is not for everyone! I studied different designers and fashion in school and so owning a luxury designer bag was something I wanted to try and have one day. Yes, I own bags from all price ranges, some of my favorites are from Target and love them!! But, this is a bag that I will hope my girls will want one day.....that designer piece that gets handed down.

Do I want another designer bag?! Yes! Will I get one?! Maybe one day!! If this is something you have always wanted too, I highly reccommend stopping by Von Maur and taking a look!

Details on my outift I am wearing in the picture above with the designer bags! You can get my pink poka dot top here, polka dots are hot this season! I'm wearing the small and probably should have went with the xsmall. My jeans are Joe's jeans and I am wearing a 25, they are cropped so they still worked for me:) They actually have a faux front pocket, which I loved, for a smoother look and they were so stretchy, felt like stretch pants! And I'm wearing two John Hardy necklaces and one of his bracelets. His jewelry is available in store, such beautiful and unique pieces!

Have a wonderful day!!

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