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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Info

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Monday!! Woohoo, it's an interrupted work week! Or a short work week for some of you! The countdown is on, the Nordstrom anniversary sale is happing next week if you have early access or the week after if you don't! Trust me, you want early access!! These items sell out so fast! They are the hot ticket items for fall and winter, great brands are included in this sale that never usually go on sale. Mens', kids', gifts and home items also have great deals going on! I had gotten some Christmas gifts last year during the sale, Christmas in July:) So now is the time to get them!

If you want early access to the sale, you do have to sign up for the Nordstrom card. It's super easy online, that is how I applied. Once you are approved, it takes less than a miunute! You will be able to order all your favorites on July 12! If having another card is not your thing, I totally understand, you will have to wait until July 19. Usually some of the items will be sold out, but sometimes they get restocked! I don't like to take chances, so I have the card and just pay it off every time I make a purchase. Plus, you get points every time you purchase something from Nordstrom! Here is the link to apply for the Nordstrom Card.

I will also be posting all my Nordstrom sale picks on the blog, some on instagram/facebook, and ALL of them will be on the app. If you do not have this app, I highly encourage you to get it! It is free and gets you access to hundreds of products that are popular now or tried and tested by influencers. Also, be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven't, so you don't miss a post!

Once you get the app, go to the magnifying glass at the bottom right corner and click it to search. Go to influncer search and type in mandysteven. And then click follow, from there you will now have access to all the products I post. I post about 2-4 images a day, depending on the day and what sales are going on!

Beauty deals and free gifts with beauty purchase also happening during the sale and gorgeous basics that will last! Here are some favorites from the catalog.

I'm just trying to get you ready for this epic event happening next week! Get the Nordstrom card if you want early access, follow me on the app and subscribe to the blog to see my Nordstrom sale picks!

Have a great week!

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