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Nordstrom Sale

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I know things are still crazy and uncertain. I feel like it's just a waiting game. One thing is for sure, things have changed! But with every day it will get easier and we will get used to this new routine. I know a lot of people are not working or soon to be not working. Some companies are paying their employees which is wonderful! And some companies are not. I am no longer able to do the jobs that I was doing, so my income has stopped. I hope things can go back to normal soon, they say 2 weeks, but I'm betting it is more like 4-6 wks. So things will get a little tighter around here, I won't be able to purchase things like I use to. I did already have a few spring pieces purchased, so I will be able to share those, but for the most part, it will probably be recreations of pieces I already have. Which is OK!! I love recreating outfits! I will also be sharing lots of sales and promotions going on. I know businesses will be holding more sales due to the decrease in customer spending. Which is why I had to share the Nordstrom sale! I wanted to get this out yesterday, but it was a hard day processing things. Today the sun was shining and the weight was lifted.

Nordstrom is having 25% off almost everything! This is huge! I have never seen this before, so if you can make purchases, now is the time! I think every single family will be planning some trip in July or August, lol! So it would be a good time to get any summer sandals, hats, bags! In fact, I found some of my favorite summer picks from the sale because I need something to look forward too! A little bit swim, a little bit casual and a little bit dressy, casual! But all things SUMMER because then I feel like this will hopefully all be over!

Hope you all are doing ok! I appreciate each and every one of you!! Thanks for following along!


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