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Nordstrom Sale

I'm pretty sure I just blinked and it is July:0 Time is flying and with that, comes the Nordstrom anniversary sale! This is the sale of all sales that gets you geared up for fall and winter fashion! My absolute favorite!! There are a couple things you can do to get ready for the sale before it launches! Yes, things sell out fast, but most of the products re-stock! I got a sneak peak when I got the catalog in the mail, and I am sharing a great boot that will be a part of the sale! So if you do not follow me on Instagram, I would recommend that to get up to the minute sale picks! I will also be sharing lots in a blog post!

Nordstrom key dates to remember, July 6, everyone is able to preview the sale and start saving to your wishlist. July 16 is when early influencers get to shop, I will be combing thru all of the sales that day and getting my favorites to share with you. July 28th is when the sale opens to everyone!

If you do not have the Nordstrom card already, I really do recommend it. YOU get to shop the sale early if you are a cardmember on July 16! It is great to have to earn points and free money. I have earned over $100 in purchases just by having the points add up. Plus you can apply your double points day to your anniversary sale purchase and get a lot of points that day! And you automatically get a $60 note when you sign up before July 27th. I just pay it off every month!

There will be lots of returning brands that have been a part of the sale year after year and some really great new brands that I am excited about! I can't wait to see all the trends for the new season!

I hop you all have a great 4th of July weekend!

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