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Paperbag Shorts-Love Them or Hate Them

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey Everyone!! Counting down the days till the kids are out of school!! It will be rough for about the first week they are out until we all get acquanted again, but then we will get into our routine!! I was curious about this paperbag shorts/pants trend and had to try them on to see what I thought about them! Let's just say they will not be for everyone:)

So remember when high wasted pants were popular, we never had to worry about our bellies flopping over the top or the back of our pants sliding halfway down our bottom when we bent over, lol! Then, low riders came along and the size of our butts shrank by about half, but the other problems came about!! So we are back in with the high waisted jeans/and a new twist, paperbag shorts! They do come up higher on the waist and will elongate the backside. And NOT all paperbag shorts fit the same, I've tried quite a few on and there were many I did not like. I did not like these or these at all, the material was not good for me. The Target ones were stiff and felt like so much material gathered together and the Express ones were too flowy around the bottom hem, for me I need a little more structure around the bottom.

I did find these from Express that I loved! They are so comfortable, not restricting and I love the dressed up look with the tie belt. They are buy 1 get 1 for $10! I also LOVE these from Athleta, they are the most comfortable pair of athleisure clothes you will wear. And I usually try not to buy things at full price, I like to wait for them to go on sale. This pair you will want to buy no matter the price, they are that good! Dress them up or down! I bought the grey color and can't wait to wear them different ways.

So my suggestion would be to not completely hate them, if you haven't tried them on yet! And they are not all created equal! They might actually work for you, or they might not:) Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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