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Ready for Spring

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Happy Monday!! I wanted to share a shirt that I had worn all day to the basketball games this weekend. It is the perfect oversized shirt that is SO soft and lightweight and I love how it covers the backside:) I had gotten this shirt as atransitional piece for Spring because of how lightweight it is, but after I tried it on, I had to wear it right away!! It sold out immediatly and now I know why! I really wanted to take pictures of this top with cut off jean shorts and my favorite birkenstocks, but Kansas weather is not cooperating!

I love how the added piece of material around the sleeves and bottom is different than the rest of the shirt. It's like a sweater material and really makes the shirt different than most stripe shirts!

It was cold, so I had to put my jacket on!

EXCITING NEWS!!!! I've teamed up with Lux and the Moon and am so excited to be a LUX Ambassador. As soon as I saw their shop, I knew it was a brand I loved. They have fashionable pieces, while still being affordable. And I've got great news for all my subscribers too! When you make your first purchase at you will receive 15% off, using code MANDY15.

I'm wearing a small and I've linked this shirt, the traveler knit pullover. It is sold out currently, but they are looking to get another shipment of it very soon. I would suggest following them on their instagram @luxandthemoon and they will keep you posted on new styles and restock items. I also have this one in my cart and I'm waiting for this one to come back in stock! Happy shopping!!

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