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Recent Amazon Favorites-I

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

When I'm crunched for time or try to find a better price, I usually reach for my amazon app. What they have going on is pretty incredible!! We buy everything from dog food, to food items to my new tennis shoes!! It's crazy how you can get everything from one place! Here are a few of my favorite purchases, some of these might work as great gifts for Mother's Day too:

I've been a fan of Asic tennis shoes for awhile now, I have high arches and can get plantar fasciitis occasionally. My feet will start to hurt or show instant fatigue when I need a new pair, found these Asic 360s on amazon and they are so comfy and on sale. They feel like you are walking on a cloud and I love the neutral look of them! I usually go up a size in tennis shoes, because my feet swell after being on them all day. So I got a 7.5 in these.

I ordered this scarf in color 056 a couple weeks ago and it's so pretty and nice quality! I'm going to order a couple more for the girls, so we can wear them in NY this summer. It's fun to change things up and wear something you normally wouldn't!! And scarves are trending now:) Wear them in your hair, around your neck or around your purse strap!

When we went to KC a couple weeks ago, we stayed at my sister's house. She had just gotten these chairs from amazon and I was so impressed with them. The grey chairs are from amazon and they were nice and lightweight. Would be great for your dining room or a kids playroom! They come in a set of 4 and have other colors.

Nate got me this herb grower from amazon for xmas and it is just amazing, I don't have to think about anything and it grows faster than I can keep up! It comes in 3 different finishes. You can get a kit to just grow lettuce or if you like fresh basil to use for pesto, you can get just basil pods. Basically you can customize to your liking! The best news, it flashes when you need to water!! You do not have to try to remember anything, it will tell you!

I also use this handheld steamer all the time!! It's a lifesaver, since I hate to iron!! I use it for all my clothes, Nate's dress shirts, the kids' clothes that have fallen to the bottom of the closet and they don't realize it till the time we need it, household items like the curtains, pillows. It's so handy! I've also traveld with it:)

I had put this book on my instagram stories and had a lot of you liking it and it is so fun to do with the girls. It's a journal for mom's and daughter's, it asks quesions and starts conversations or ideas that you might not normally think to ask your daughter(s)!

I also have been loving my extended closet organizer or they call it a garment rack. Plus, it is cheaper now than when I bought it, lol!! It has been so nice to get ready, since I have gotten this. And I love the way it looks!!

Well I have a bunch more, but for now I will leave you with this!! Hope you all are having a great week!

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