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Spring Essentials - Beauty

Happy Thursday! How did Spring Break week go so fast?! We didn't even do much, but the kids sure liked being home and I got a taste of what summer will be like;o The pantry and fridge doors in constant use, dishes and laundry amped up! One day I know I will miss it, but man, I'm going to need a vacay! With touches of Spring, I wanted to share some of my must-have beauty products for spring!

The most important thing to think about with the changing of the seasons is your skincare. I cannot recommend these products enough. I have seen a huge difference in my skin since using them. They are made with pure live organic botanicals. You have to shake the bottles to activate the botanicals and they leave a tingly/heated sensation on your face for a brief moment. I have a more even skin tone, brighter skin, my skin is plumper and glowing. What is great about these products heading into spring and summer is that they have a natural SPF of 30 in them. Naturally acting in the botanicals. Now I do wear an additional sunscreen over this, but in case you forget one day, you have it built into your skincare. I have the large size bottles, which is an investment, but I can get mine to last just about 4 months. Do not overuse, you will just be wasting the product! I talk about it more in this blog post here! You can use code Mandys20 to get 20% off your purchase!

After being in the sun for so long and probably sweating, I like to carry this powder SPF with me in my bag to touch up later in the day! It is easy to use and so convenient to use over makeup.

I cannot live without my lip balms and lip glosses and I just recently tried Tarte H2O lipgloss and I am loving how creamy and hydrating they are. I have the color villa, it is such a great nude color.

My go-to hair products that I use a lot are this hair oil and hair fragrance. I have tried many hair oils and a lot of them leave my hair too heavy and oily. This one has not done that to my hair and it smells amazing!! Again with this product, a little goes a long way! I also do not wash my hair every day, but I do work out almost every day, so a hair fragrance is so nice to have on hand. I love the smell of this one and a tiny bit goes a long way!

With the heat going up, I love using these claw clips for half up or all up! It is a fun look other than putting another ponytail in! However, I do love my ponytails from gimme beauty! They come in lots of different sizes I have three sizes. One for fine hair, one for normal, and one for thick! Use code MandyS20 to get 20% off your purchase at Gimme Beauty!

Now that we will be transitioning into shorts and sandals, I need all the work!! I love using this Microderma exfoliating mitt to exfoliate my skin before applying my self-tanner. It is amazing and it also removes some of the excess self-tanner from my last application so I can put on a new application!

A great hydrating lotion before self-tanner application is so important. If your skin is dry, or flaky, it will not go on evenly and just not turn out. The most important steps are exfoliating and hydrating before self-tanner. I love this Brazilian nude cream, it is hydrating and I love the pump!

My favorite self-tanner is the Isle of Paradise, but I have been hearing so much about this brand and am wanting to try it! It is getting great reviews! This is a great kit, comes with the exfoliator, hydrating lotion, and the self-tanner!

I am so embarrassed with the condition of my feet right now, I have a pedi foot callus remover and it is amazing to get rid of all the dead, hard skin and it makes my feet feel so soft! I need to get it charged up and ready to go!

Finally a great white nail polish, I love this one from OPI! I love painting my toes a fresh white for spring and summer, plus it helps show off when the tan comes!

Hopefully, I gave you a few ideas for the changing of the seasons! I am hoping we do get some warmer weather, this snow is crazy!

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