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St. Patty's Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

St. Patrick's Day is another day I like to try to do something fun with the kids! Of course we wear something green. I do not have a lot of green clothing pieces! So, I will put on a green military/utility jacket or throw on a piece of jewelry with some green, that's what I usually go with! I found similiar options for my jacket here, 40% off with Friends and Family code, Friend and here, also on sale and some really cute jewelry I want here and here, two totally different looks, but I love both of them!

One year a few years ago I did a scavenger hunt for the kids and had them find a pot of gold! They talk about it ALL the time. "Mom, remember that time we did that scavenger hunt for St. Patrick's Day?" well it's those times that I aim for and ones I like to do again. Those memories that they remember and talk about just make my heart happy! So I planned another scavenger hunt this year. It has six clues, some are general and anyone can use and some are a little more specific to our backyard property and the animals. I went ahead and included my six clues to give you an idea of what I came up with. Nothing fancy, I'm definitely not a poet or a writer;) Click here for my PDF I created.

I use a black halloween bucket for the pot and added some fun popcorn from our local popcorn place, The Popcorner. They did a shamrock pop popcorn, it's their kettle corn drizzeled with white choclolate and lucky charm about a dream come true!! I also added some items to make smores. Their pot of gold will end up by the firepit!! Hopefully the weather will be nice and not windy!!!! Over these winds!

I also color their morning milk green and have green pancakes for breakfast. I usually make these in advance and freeze them, so we can just put them in the toaster oven that morning. Just a few things to bring green into the day! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! What fun things do you guys do??!!

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