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Summer Roadtrip Part II

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Good Morning!! I'm still recovering from this summer road trip, laundry, cleaning, activities! It's just non-stop! I wanted to finish out the details of the last part of our trip! I ended it at a place that was featured on Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's, one of our favorite family shows. From Baltimore, Maryland, we drove to New York, a town right out of the city, called Rye. This is where we stayed at the Cambria Hotel with the rest of my family for a family wedding! We attended the rehersal dinner on Friday night and the wedding was on Saturday. I had worn this little black dress to the rehersal dinner with my favorite black heels, they are 50% off!

I had brought my makeup case with me and was able to do my cousin and aunts' makeup for the wedding! It's defintely getting some miles in!

The wedding was spectacular! Perfect weather, great food, fantastic entertainment and enjoying time with family was the best part! It's so fun to get the family all dressed up every once in awhile! My dress is still available and under $80, it's so pretty in person! Great to just have on hand for those special events! And, I'm not joking when I say my heels are actually comfortable, not too high and I can wear them for hours with no pain! A really pretty nude color that will go with everything! I have them in the chai color, they match the dress perfectly!

Sunday after the wedding, we packed up and drove to New Jersey and stayed at a hotel there, instead of in the city. Little bit slower pace and it was close to the beach. We took a rest day and took the kids to the beach for dinner and to spend some time in the sand and ocean! It was so relaxing! And the kids loved running and jumping in the waves.

The next day, we were relaxed and ready to take on the Big Apple! We took a ferry into the city on Monday, which is my absolute favorite part! I love being able to see the city from the water as we get closer, passing by the Statue of Liberty and seeing all the different modes of transportaion in the water. The anticipation of the city is so exciting!

We walked all day, the kids were troopers for the most part, Noah got whiny a few times and he had to sit on Nate's shoulders for a bit to rest, lol! We first passed by a Zara store and we just had to stop, the girls and I might have spent a little too long in there! Then we came up to St. Patrick's Cathedral, just breathtaking. And we happen to walk in when they were playing the most beautiful music ever. Walked past the Today show studios, I'm bummed we didn't make it on tv! Passed by Radio City music hall, tons of shopping and other great places!

By that point the kids were starving, I had searched for great places for kids to eat and The Black Tap came up! So we waited in line for probably 45min-1hr and then we were seated and boy was it worth it. Quite possibly the best shakes ever!

I thought these deserved their own spot! They were so good!!

We then had energy to walk some more before we had to be at our dinner reservations. We walked to Central Park, the kids loved that. The boys loved climbing the rocks and the girls loved the horse drawn carriages and the people on the side drawing people's silhouettes. We only made it thru part of it because we had to be at our dinner reservations. There was no way we would make it walking to the other side of town, so we called an Uber. That was the best idea ever!!!

Dinner at The Peking Duck House was fabulous, Nate finally got to experience the ongoing of food being served non-stop like he has seen in the movies. So many tasty dishes, wonton soup, beef and broccoli, fried rice, duck, fish, yes we ate duck lol. Fried shrimp balls, egg rolls, a chicken dish, I don't even remember all of them, they just kept bringing food out! It was a wonderful experience! We walked around Chinatown a little and Little Italy and then headed back to catch the ferry home. A fun-filled day in New York City!! The girls and I could have stayed for at least another week, the boys were ready to get out of the city!!

We headed home the next day and drove straight through except for the two hours we pulled over to "rest" our eyes. We fell asleep so fast and woke up to the sun rising! The kids loved the experience and we were already talking about where we should take our next road trip! I would highly recommend trying it, at least once! And rent the big van!

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!!

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