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Summer Sandal Favorites

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello, Happy Tuesday!! Yeah Tuesday means nothing, lol, still a ways to go in the work week! Oh well, we can make it the best!! You know that week before vacation, when you need to start getting things ready, but your're so busy you don't have time and then it's time for vacation and it's like you don't even want to go because it's too much work?! Well that's me this week, lol! I'm just excited we are finally able to start wearing sandals without getting our feet wet or muddy!! I'm ready for those cute sandals for the summer! I've rounded up a few of my favorites!!

When the temps go up, the sandals come out! I love these four sandals because how versatile they are. They can be worn with dresses, shorts, skirts, and swimsuits!

The pearl ones add a classic touch and take that outfit to the next level with the pearl, it's so fun to see pearls on shoes and not just as jewelry! They are definiely eye chatching and would be the talk of the party! I ordered them in my size 7 that I always have to buy when I'm buying a flat shoe.

The leather slides are ones I have worn numerous times, with every different outfit! They are the cheaper of the bunch, but they don't look it! They do have a padded footbed and I have worn them for a few hours with no problems.

The spot dot slides are just so fun, you can never go wrong with an animal print! They can also be worn with all your outfits to add a little something exciting! They also have a padded foot bed and give plenty of room around the straps, I'm wearing a 7. I had tried a 6.5 and they were a little short for my foot.

The last ones might be my favorite pick if I had to choose only one! The crystal embellished ones can take that outfit to the next level, worn with all outfits. And I absolutely love the way Sam Edelman shoes fit me. They are so comfy and fit me so well.

Finally, if we are talking sandals, I can't leave out my comfy pairs. Birkenstocks!! Why these were popular when I was in high shool and then went away is a mystery to me. They are so comfy, they need to stay around this time! I wear these a lot during the summer especially if I know I will be getting wet or dirty! They have the comfort I like, but can be hosed off when they get dirty and no leather to ruin! I did go down a size in this style because this style does run big. But in my leather ones, I got my size 37. I love to wear the Arizona soft bed sandals around the house, running errands or just anywhere! This pair with the gold buckle is my favorite to dress the outfit up a bit!

Hope you all have a great day, buying a new pair of sandals might make this week go faster;) Thanks for following along!!

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