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Things to Do to Stay Busy

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I know this week is off to a start of uncertainty, things are changing by the day, by the hour. With all the waiting and wondering, it's better to try to stay busy and keep your mind off of it! Here a few ideas that might help!

Today we started purging and cleaning out every nook and cranny. Either to be donated or thrown away. It is such a great feeling to get rid of things, it makes everything feel fresh and new again! I also thought it would be good to add a few new home things to the mix as we were cleaning out and rearranging. West Elm is having their friends and family event now and it is the BEST time to get your home items. I am wanting this mirror, my current floor-length mirror is from them and I love it! Very sturdy and well made. I also have had these glass shadow boxes for years now and I love to store my sunglasses/glasses and special jewelry pieces. The options are endless when it comes to these little boxes!

I wanted to get a few new throw pillows and I love this one from H&M and this one!

Next up some of our Amazon favorites for younger kids when it comes to boredom! Honestly, my kids have all been playing a lot of cards together, they just learned how to play gin from their great-grandma and they are all loving it! But I put together some favorites that we get out either daily or every other day during a normal week!

The weather has been dreary and cold, but getting out and getting some fresh air is always a good idea, even bundling up and just taking a stroll, the fresh air will do wonders! Keeping the kids active will help get them worn out too, lol!

While the kids stay busy with their activities I have been rearranging my room and closet, I am ordering another one of these! I have loved mine since I got it and I think the added space will be perfect! It can hold so many of my current shoes, hats, bags, and clothes!

I might actually take some time and do some self-care for myself! I need to get my feet sandal ready, so I have this tool to help smooth out, it works amazing! And then some good nail polish will be exciting! Loving these colors! And then derma-planing is always a good idea! Love using these.

Of course, the girls have a list of things they want to bake, they love baking and I'm ok with it! We are also continuing our weekday dinner series, where every kid has to cook a meal for dinner. Great time to incorporate life lessons when we aren't running around crazy! And you can't go wrong with Disney Plus, it's fantastic for streaming great family movies! Lots of movie nights in the future! Hope you guys all stay safe and healthy, prayers!!

I thought this saying was perfect for what is going on! It can get overwhelming thinking about the what-ifs or what's next or what will happen, no better time to trust and PRAY!



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