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Trendy Eyeglasses

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I finally found some new eyeglasses! It's been exactly four years since I had gotten new glasses or even went to the eye doctor, granted I didn't really need a new pair, but I had seen people wearing clear framed glasses and had loved the look. So, I started my hunt for some new eyeglasses! I had went to a couple stores with no luck and began to think this trend was not for me. They either washed me out, aged me or were just not the right shape for my face. I had heard so many good things about Warby Parker and had this one, this one and this one in my cart to order, but just had not went thru with it yet.

One night I was getting groceries at Target and seen a sale sign outside the eyeglass store and went in! I had never walked in there before, always passed it, never walked in. I had tried on a couple and they were no's and then I tried on these. I instantly knew these were it, sometimes you just know!!

I ended up just buying the frames from Target and getting the lenses put in at my eye doctors, since I had to do a checkup. I'm so happy I found a pair and glad they were at a great price!!


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